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Car Vs. Door

Car Vs. Door Repair & Replacement

Most people who own cars and garages will inevitably experience the frustrating situation of a garage door hitting a car or vice versa. When it happens, don’t panic. If you’re in need of car vs. door repair, EZ Lift Garage Doors & More frequently handles these repairs around Katy, Texas.

Although garage doors are exceedingly durable and withstand harsh weather and minor impacts, they aren’t indestructible. When it comes to cars vs. garage doors, vehicles almost always come out the victor. That’s why EZ Lift Garage Doors & More offers top-notch garage door repair and replacement services across Katy, Texas so that you can have your garage door as good as new again in a few short hours.

EZ Lift Garage Doors & More is Katy, TX’s premier garage door repair and replacement company. So, if you need help repairing your garage door after a car impact in Katy, TX, call us!

Garage Door Hit by Car? Expert Repair and Replacement Services are Just a Call Away!

Traumatic car impacts can have disastrous effects on your garage door, with extensive structural damage and inoperable garage door systems. If your garage door can’t close properly, it leaves you and your property vulnerable, so quick repairs are essential.

Thankfully, the team at EZ Lift Garage Doors & More offers quick and professional garage door repair services that make dents, scratches, fissures, and cracks a thing of the past. Plus, we will only suggest a replacement if we believe your garage door is truly beyond repair. And if that’s the case, you’ll have a new-and-improved model in no time that matches your home design perfectly.

From minor repairs to complete garage door replacements, no job is too big or too small for the EZ Lift Garage Doors & More team!

Garage door troubleshooting

Fixing Garage Door After Car Collision in Katy, TX, and Other Common Garage Door Issues

Although a car vs. door collision can damage the vehicle, the impact often pales in comparison to the damage that the garage sustains. These accidents can adversely affect everything from the garage door cables to the opener system. 

Fortunately, our team offers a wide range of repair services and will have your carport’s entryway in tip-top shape in no time. For example, below are some popular garage door repair services we offer in Katy, Texas:

Correcting Uneven Alignment
Forceful impacts can knock your garage door right out of alignment and prevent it from opening and closing properly. While an uneven garage door makes your property’s exterior look shabby, it’s also dangerous to use it like this. Be sure to call our team to realign the door and fix the control system to ensure everything functions optimally and safely.
Replacing Broken Panels
Vehicle collisions can destroy a garage door’s panels and cause unsightly dents, fissures, and other structural damage. These imperfections adversely affect the door’s structural integrity, preventing it from moving up and down correctly.

Although severely damaged panels require replacements, our skilled contractors can often repair minor issues on the spot. Why not let our team assess your door’s damaged panels and recommend the best approach?
Stopping Vibrations and Noisy Operation
Broken garage doors often vibrate and make extra noises while operating. A noisy garage door system can indicate multiple issues, including the following that need immediate professional attention:

• Loose garage chains: slapping
• Loose rollers: squealing, squeaking, and grinding
• Faulty bolts and nuts: rattling with severe vibrations
• Damaged springs: rumbling and popping
• Misaligned door: scraping, banging, and straining
Speeding Up Slow Operations
Broken garage door systems can’t operate effectively and typically open and close much slower than they should. While lubricating the rollers and tracks might resolve the issue, car collisions often cause more serious problems. Our contractors will need to assess your system before further damage occurs, so stop using the garage door and call us as soon as possible!
Fixing Broken Windows
Many garage doors have small windows that allow natural light to illuminate the interior. Car impacts easily break these windows to let in rain, pests, and more. With extensive experience in fixing and replacing leading garage door window designs and styles, our experienced professionals can help.
Car Damages Garage Door in Katy, TX? No Problem

Need help repairing your garage doors after a car impact in Katy, TX? EZ Lift Garage Doors & More can handle it all. Entrust your garage door repair project to us, and we’ll have your system operating better than ever at a price that fits your budget.

Being in a car vs. door collision doesn’t have to be the end of the world. If you need professional garage door repair or replacement services in Katy, Texas, just contact EZ Lift Garage Doors & More. We make fixing a garage door after a car collision in Katy, TX, swift and stress-free.

Repairing Garage Door After Car Impact in Katy, TX? Get Expert Garage Door Repair and Replacement Services

Top-quality garage door repair and exceptional customer service are at the heart of EZ Lift Garage Doors & More’s work in Katy, Texas, and the surrounding areas. Every contractor receives training to ensure they can handle any tasks our clients throw our way. We understand the best repair and replacement methods for each project using industry-leading techniques because our customers deserve the best.

You’ll enjoy superior customer service while we repair or replace your garage door and work hard to exceed your expectations. We also happen to offer one of the best garage door warranties in the greater Katy area. We’ll guarantee you receive exceptional repair and replacement services that will withstand the test of time.

Here’s what you can always expect when you schedule services with our experienced team:

We are one of Katy’s most trusted garage door companies, and we hope you choose us for all your repair and replacement needs.

Quick and Reliable Solutions for Car vs. Garage Door Accidents in Texas

Call EZ Lift Garage Doors & More at (832) 454-3432 today and receive outstanding garage door repair and replacement services in Katy, Texas, and beyond!