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Garage Door Maintenance

Expert Garage Door Maintenance Services: Keeping Your Door in Prime Condition

Broken garage door? Call EZ Lift Garage Doors and More for expert repair or routine maintenance!

If you have to park in the driveway because your garage door stopped working several months ago, it’s time to schedule garage door maintenance so you can protect your car from harsh sunlight and the thick layer of pollen that forms in spring. EZ Lift Garage Doors and More provides expert garage door service in Katy, Texas.

Garage Door Maintenance and Repair in Katy, TX

Your garage door has many moving parts that could end up damaged from years of use. Without maintenance, the damage will worsen until you can’t access your garage. The technicians at EZ Lift Garage Doors and More have the training to spot damaged parts and repair them so you can use your garage for years to come.

Many homeowners put off calling us for maintenance until the damage gets so bad they can’t operate their garage door at all. Calling us as soon as you notice a problem gives us the chance to complete a small repair instead of replacing damaged parts or the entire mechanism. 

Preventative Garage Door Maintenance in Katy, TX

Preventative maintenance will keep your garage door running smoothly and help avoid costly repairs resulting from years of neglect. The main problem that causes garage door malfunctions is a lack of lubricant on the moving parts. The longer the metal parts grind against each other without lubrication, the more damage forms. 

Our service includes lubricating the motor, cables, and any other moving parts to help the mechanism operate without excess friction. Yearly maintenance is a great way to ensure your garage door has no signs of wear and that all parts work as they should.

Garage Door Maintenance Tips in Katy, TX

If you like to take a DIY approach to home improvement, you may want to maintain your garage door yourself. Here are a few garage door maintenance tips:

Inspect the Lift Cables
The lift cables end up caked with dirt in a few short months as your car tires bring in outside debris. Use a wire brush to remove dirt and inspect them for signs of damage.
Apply New Weatherstripping
Weatherstripping protects your garage from high humidity and other elements, but it doesn’t last forever. Check for damaged weatherstripping at least once a year and replace it if it looks worn.
Add Lubricant to Moving Parts
You can cut down on friction if you add lubricant to your garage door’s mechanism. Apply it to the chain, springs, hinges, and any other parts that move as the door opens and closes.

EZ Lift Garage Doors and More provides professional garage door maintenance services in Katy, TX

With a decade of industry experience behind us, our team has the skill to handle any type of garage door problem, from rusty parts to dented panels. To schedule service, call 832-454-3432 or fill out our online form.