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Garage Spring Repair

Get Your Garage Door Spring Working Safely and Efficiently Again

When your garage door springs wear out, you need a trusted company to replace them before the damage grows into an expensive problem. Call us for upfront pricing and high-quality parts.

Your garage door has many moving parts that work together to raise and lower the door multiple times a day as you drive in and out. The parts wear down over time and need repair or replacement. If you notice problems with your garage door, it’s time to schedule a maintenance call. 

Professional Garage Broken Spring Repair Services

EZ Lift Garage Doors and More provides broken spring repair in Katy, Texas, and the surrounding communities. Garage door springs can last up to 12 years. If you’ve had the same set of springs on your garage door longer than that, you could have a disaster on your hands at any moment.

Garage Door Spring Repair in Katy, TX

Garage doors use two different types of springs when they open and close. The torsion spring and the extension spring help your door open and close as it should. Over time, they wear down, making your garage door difficult to use.

You should always call a professional garage door repair technician for broken spring repair. Attempting your own repair or continuing to use your garage door could result in injury.

Expert Garage Spring Replacement in Katy, TX

If your garage door is too heavy to open, you probably have a damaged torsion spring. The longer you use your garage door with damaged springs, the more damage you will end up with. 

When you call us for broken spring repair, we take the time to inspect both types of springs and replace them if they are nearing the end of their lifespan.

We take the actual weight of your garage door into account when we replace the springs so they can work optimally for as long as possible.

Expert Garage Spring Replacement in Katy, TX

It’s unsafe to continue using your garage door when it has broken or damaged springs. As the motor struggles to raise and lower the door, it wears out quickly, leaving you with bigger problems. 

As soon as you notice damaged springs, call EZ Lift Garage Doors and More for emergency repair service. We replace broken springs to allow your garage door to continue working without causing extensive damage.

Contact our team right away if:

When You Notice a Broken or Damaged Garage Door Spring

You need professional spring repair services in Katy, TX, before the problem worsens. EZ Lift Garage Doors and More is a family-owned and -operated business that only uses the highest-quality products for broken spring repair and all other services we provide. To schedule service, fill out our online form or call 832-454-3432.