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Garage Door Opener Replacement Services in Katy, TX

What’s the point of having a garage if you can’t open the door? As soon as you start to notice your garage door opening unevenly or you hear unusual sounds coming from its motor, call EZ Lift Garage Doors & More. We’re the top choice for garage door opener replacement in Katy, Texas, among other services that keep your garage door system in tip-top shape.

When our trained technicians examine your garage door system, they may come across the following:

Garage door troubleshooting

Whatever the problem, EZ Lift Garage Doors & More will find a solution. The best time to invest in a new garage door opener is before it gives out. The longer you wait, the more damage will happen to your opener, all the components, and the door itself until you can’t use your garage at all. 

That’s why replacing a faulty garage door opener in time brings property owners such peace of mind. You’ll have unlimited access to your garage without worrying that something could go wrong at any moment.

Professional Garage Door Opener Replacement Services—Katy, TX

When you start having problems opening your garage door, it may just be that you need a replacement garage door opener remote or battery. Even if you think the problem is the door itself, it’s good to check the opener first. It has many moving parts that allow your garage door to open and close safely. If something is amiss, simply replacing the door won’t remedy the problem.

As soon as you notice a problem, call a trained technician to identify when your garage door opener needs replacement in order to avoid a safety risk or the possibility of a burglary. The last thing you want is for an intruder to enter your home because your garage door opener can’t prevent this unwanted access.

Many garage door opener problems only need a simple repair, but eventually, you will need to invest in a new unit. As a bonus to efficiency and reliable performance, newer models have countless safety features in place to prevent accidents and help the opener last longer. So, if your door system seems to be struggling, why not contact our qualified technician to see whether it’s time to replace your existing garage door opener?

Best Garage Door Opener Replacement Solutions | Katy, TX

When it comes to garage door openers, it’s best to let a professional complete the replacement. If you install it incorrectly, you could end up damaging a perfectly good garage door. To be safe, a professional can help you decide what type of garage door opener is the best and install it perfectly. 

If you’ve had the same opener for years, you may not even realize it doesn’t work optimally. You’ll find that installing an updated unit will help your garage door open and close quietly and without the chance of it falling on your vehicle, pets, or family members.

Reliable Garage Door Opener Replacement Experts in Katy, TX

Not every garage door opener replacement will require the same process. It depends on the model, brand, and type of opener. That’s why you need our expert garage door opener installation in Katy, TX. 

Below are the three main types of garage door openers we replace:


As the most popular type of garage door opener, chain-drive openers are budget-friendly and last with minimal maintenance. The chain is durable for long-term use. Plus, you can often connect these systems to WiFi and use a smartphone to open and close the garage door or turn the lights on and off.


A jackshaft option attaches to your garage wall, freeing up valuable ceiling space for storage. It features a deadbolt lock that fastens automatically if you want to boost safety when you’re not home. It generally has built-in WiFi to control via a smartphone and a safety sensor to prevent the door from closing on small children or animals that you don’t see coming.


For homes with a garage near a bedroom or homes with above-garage apartments, a belt-drive garage door opener is ideal. It’s quiet enough to open and close this garage door day or night without disturbing others nearby. Like the other types, a modern belt-drive garage door opener can connect to your smartphone. That way, if you always worry that you forgot to close your garage door when you left home, you can just check on your phone.

Custom Solutions for Your Opener Replacement Needs

Any garage door opener will last about ten years before you start noticing problems. However, with regular maintenance, you can extend its lifespan for a few years and get more for your money. Plus, when it does come time for a replacement, you’ll find that technological advancements have improved your choices considerably.

For example, for maximum convenience, we can now program a remote control so that you can open and close your garage door from the driver’s seat of your car. If there’s no specific remote suited to the type of garage door opener installed, we can also program a universal remote for you.

Lastly, we recommend that our Katy, Texas, clients install a battery backup that allows them to continue using the garage door opener when the property loses power. It’s a great option for areas that experience bad weather on a regular basis since it ensures you get to work or to a safe place, even during or after a severe storm.

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If your garage door doesn’t open as it should, you need our professionals to inspect your garage door opener immediately. Our qualified technician can install a new unit or repair the old one. Plus, each motor we install comes with a lifetime warranty, a 5-year parts warranty, and a 1-year warranty for the remote control.

Rely on EZ Lift Garage Doors & More for quality garage door opener replacement in Katy, TX. Fill out the online contact form or call 832-454-3432 today to schedule service!